How To Order Mathematical Sculptures

The procedure to special order one of my mathematical figures generally takes the following steps, although the exact procedure may vary somewhat. Remember that this is a custom-made figure, and I want to be sure all questions and concerns are handled before the figure is produced and/or shipped. My preferred communication method is email to; thus I have a record of all the communication and there is much less opportunity for misunderstandings.

  1. We mutually agree on the surface to be produced and the price.
  2. You choose the pattern and the wood type(s).
  3. I notify you when the figure is complete and ready to ship and calculate shipping and insurance charges.
  4. Final balace = quoted price in (1) + estimated shipping.
  5. You remit the final balance (see below).
  6. I ship via UPS ground (default) or by another mutually-agreed-upon method.

My work may only involve about one transactions per month, and I therefore choose to NOT handle credit cards, or similar payment methods. You may remit sums to me via check, money order, or a PayPal account. My PayPal account is